The information below is correct as at 31st March 2024

  • Issued share capital: 31,714,982
  • Percentage of securities not in public hands: 25.72%

List of shareholders with > 3% holding

Shareholder Number of Ordinary Shares Held Ordinary Shares as % of Issued Share Capital
Close Brothers Asset Management 3,260,514 10.28%
Downing LLP
(including Downing Strategic Micro-cap Investment Trust PLC holding 356,784 shares)
3,188,637 10.05%
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Mgt 2,901,550 9.15%
Interactive Investor 2,772,765 8.74%
Otus Capital Management 2,152,837 6.79%
Rowan Dartington 1,413,812 4.46%
Stichting Value Partners 1,209,500 3.81%
Peter Kenyon 1,152,507 3.63%
AJ Bell Stockbrokers 1,088,185 3.43%
UBS Wealth Management 1,024,509 3.23%

The Executive Directors are keen to engage with shareholders and they intend to maintain communication with institutional shareholders through individual meetings, particularly following publication of the Group's interim and full year preliminary results. Through these meetings, the Board is able to gain feedback to have a clear understanding of the views of the major shareholders, and the needs of potential shareholders so that these can be considered.

We encourage private shareholders to attend the AGM at which the Group's activities are considered and questions answered. Shareholders can always e-mail directly.

The Non-Executive Directors are available to discuss any matters stakeholders might wish to raise, and the Chairman and Non-Executive Directors will, or have, attended meetings with institutional investors.

Following the last AGM the votes cast were included in our subsequent RNS announcement. Please see here.